Criminal Case Video

Criminal Case Video - Auslan

Introduction to criminal case video

The Children’s Court of Victoria has developed the mock hearing in this
video to provide information to young people who have been charged with
a criminal offence.

The mock hearing does not represent what will happen in every criminal case
but will help you to understand what happens in the Children’s Court.

In the video, the accused is Ben Phillips who is 15 years of age. Ben is in court
in relation to three charges of theft from a motor vehicle. Like all young people
appearing in the Children’s Court, Ben has received legal advice and is
represented in the hearing by a lawyer. Ben is pleading guilty to the charges.

Please note that the mock hearing does not represent a real life case and that
all those appearing in the video are actors.

Terms used in criminal cases


The person who has been charged with committing a criminal offence.


The person with responsibility for putting all details of the alleged offending before the court. If the accused pleads “not guilty” the prosecutor will attempt to prove the accused’s guilt to the court. In the Children’s Court the prosecutor is usually a police officer.


The police officer who laid the charges against the accused.


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